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Nonprofit organizations depend on grants from private and government agencies to survive. This funding can be inconsistent at times, forcing nonprofits to solicit donor gifts. Below, Jason Webb, a Milwaukee-based gifted fundraiser, shares his tips on effectively reaching the most promising donors.

Purchase fundraising software

Be sure you have quality data. It is of utmost importance to invest in a fundraising software program. Using a traditional spreadsheet, which is not created to serve as a database, will result in errors and missed prospects.

Harness the clout of your executives

Recruit your agency’s director, board members, and other executives as fundraisers. Significant donations can stem from lunch meetings between your executive and local business owners. Arm your leader with information regarding your organization’s most impressive accomplishments and most significant needs so that they can make the pitch at these meetings. Reassure them that they are not asking for a handout but rather an investment in your organization’s continued livelihood and good work. …


Jason Webb

Jason Webb is a Milwaukee-bassed public speaker, movement leader, and a results-driven executive with a proven track record

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